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About Dixie Springs Spring Water Company

Our Water Comes from Dixie Springs, Summit Mississippi. Our bottling plant is located at a 20-acre land, 2 of which are a beaver pond. There is an old home site on the acres with a rock wall and steps leading to the springs flowing into the beaver pond. The area was settled around the time of the Civil War. The old home site was located next to the springs for the convenience of obtaining the water. The people of this area came here for many years to collect the spring water.

Sometimes in the 1940s, the WPA (Works Progress Administration) built the dam that led to the creation of Lake Dixie Springs. The Springs still spills into Beaver Creek which flows directly into the lake and continues over the cofferdam. This is located on the rear of the Dixie Springs Spring Water Company Property. The spring water is taken from confined aquifers underground after being naturally filtered for thousands of years. Before bottling, the spring water is sterilized with Charcoal filters, Ultraviolet, and Ozonated methods for your protection.


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